Fragments [EP]

by R.O.P.

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released March 22, 2013

1. "Stendhal"
Written and Arranged by Anthony Lipari
Lyrics and Melody by Jacki Heron
2. "Stillwater"
Written and Arranged by Anthony Lipari and Chris Burrows
3. "Ms.Out"
Lyrics and Music by Anthony Lipari
4. "The Mourning After"
Lyrics and Music by Anthony Lipari
*This song is dedicated in memory of our dear friend Lukasz Skowronski*
5. "Fragments"
Lyrics and Music by Anthony Lipari
Vocals: Jacki Heron
Guitars, Room Noise, Backing Vocals: Anthony Lipari
Drums, Intro Percussion: Chris Burrows
Bass, Djembe, Hand Claps: Joseph Paquette
All music written and performed by R.O.P.
Artwork by Rickard Westman
Production Credits:
Recorded at CB's Studio
Mixed and Mastered by Colin Marston @ Menegroth - The Thousand Caves
--R.O.P. Special Thanks--
The recording of this album would not have been possible without the generous tolerance of the Burrows family. You have our endless gratitude for putting up with the constant noise for a month straight into the wee hours of the night! A big thank you also goes out to all of the friends and family continuously giving us support at the dive bars and local venues. We appreciate your faces!
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©All Rights Reserved by R.O.P. March 2013



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R.O.P. Detroit, Michigan

Dynamic and versatile, R.O.P. can and will deliver soaring sounds of crunchy guitar riffs, pulse-pounding backbeats, bluesy vocals, and a guttural groove often preceded by swooning ambient flavors, in-the-pocket playing, soft-spoken lyrics, and a brooding undertone. It also comes as no surprise to find the musical palette decorated with appetizing guitar solos, harmonies and killer instrumentals. ... more

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Track Name: Stendhal

Fiery taste for lust, set your sights so high
So close to the edge, when did wrong turn right?
Captivating you, what a fool would do
Pull your anchors up, sail into the storm

See the complications of the urges that you long to free
Fighting with the question is it real or just a memory?

Misery, a fight within is haunting
I finally see, a beauty in the curse in me
And maybe, the exit is the entry
Flee the scene and change your fate
See what is waiting, unleash the power within

Distractions in your head
Screaming for the night
Secrets in your bed
The end is in sight

[Full Chorus]
See the complications of the urges that you long to free
Fighting with the question is it real or just a memory?
Letting every wall down as you lose and find identity
No more reservations and you're giving in to destiny
Track Name: Stillwater

You, the still water
Lying fixed within your ways
You can't recall, how to make waves
You can't recall, how to make change

[ Chorus ]
The dark corrupts what once was pure
and keeps you from what you once were

You, the still water
Lying there throughout the days
You can't recall the sun; it's blaze
And away you'll fade

[ Double Chorus ]
The dark corrupts what once was pure
and keeps you from what you once were
Your stagnant, stubborn, selfish, pride
Will spell the end and leave you dry

You, the still water
Refusing to amend the flow
Regardless of the valves you purge
You're still trapped and damned

Where did you go?
The one I used to know
Are you lost in the sky
Or washed away with the tide

[ Double Chorus ]
Track Name: Ms.Out
"Ms. Out"

Verse 1
Looking at this past of mine
Wondering if there is still time
To make up for mistakes i made
Or will I regret all my days?

Think about the times we had
Wish that I had been armor clad
Nobody can take the blame
Must i live with all this shame?

How long will this take?
How long must I wait?
I can't seem to shake
The thought that I was too late

I reach out to see what you'll say
And then you just push me away
Nothing's good enough for you
Will someone tell me what to do?

Tryin' to find the right words
Turn this 'round, make it work
but when I try to spit them out
I find myself full of doubt


I was too late
I deserve this fate
I can't save face
I can't replace this

You say you don't wanna talk
I figure I should just walk
Seems I can't expect a thing
But this painful sting

Track Name: The Mourning After
"The Mourning After"

The weight of life
Crashed down on you
Now nothing's left
But your silhouette.

I reach out my hand
To someone who can't reach back
A shell of what once was
Can you see me?

I used to call you friend
Where did the time go
I'm at a loss for words, it seems so absurd
But I know you're gone for good.

In dreams I can see
You walking by
You don't recongnize me
Then you pass through the walls

Aware of it now
A pain deep inside
Will I ever feel the same?
Will I ever laugh again?

The days seem like years
Tired of these fears
Nothing can be done
This time it seems death won


Now that you've left
So many behind
What are we to do
With all this time
Track Name: Fragments

When I look, upon your face
I see the lies, left in your wake
What remains, is nothing more
Than remnants, fragments, left on the floor

There is no understanding in your eyes
You care not for the others in your life

You're tearing me apart
You let things go too far
You're tearing me apart
I'm left with only scars

Now I can see what you are
Betrayal, fallin' away
I will not allow myself to be subjected to
Your vicious tendencies that tore my life in two

I have nothing left to hold on to
The trust I had in life is through, my friend left with you